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Sell It

Sell Just About Anything You’d Like!

Pawn Plus is dedicated to providing you with a fast and convenient way to sell unwanted items for quick and easy cash when you need it.
We buy almost everything from gold and electronics to video games, musical instruments, sporting equipment, collectibles, designer handbags, and more. All you need is an item in clean, working condition and a valid, state-issued photo ID or passport.
iPhone Held on a Hand
Cell Phones
Collectable Marbles
Collectable Items
Scattered Copper Coins
A Pair of Golden Rings
Gold Jewelry
Silver DVD Player
Home Appliances
Laptop, Smartphone, Notebook and Pen
Laptos, Computers, and Tablets
An Expensive Watch
Rings and Watches
American Football Ball
Sporting Goods and Memorabilia
A Pair of Stereo
Stereo Equipment
Inside of a Tool Set Case
CD ROM Appliance
TVs and DVD Players
Console Controller and Video Games
Video Games and Consoles
High End Video Camera
Video Recorder and Cameras
Fashion Designed Bags
Designer Handbag
Bright Sky With Clouds and Alps
...And More!

Come to any of our Pawn Plus stores to get a free quote, sell your item, or take advantage of our other services.

Our valuation experts will give you a competitive wholesale offer at a price you can trust. Come and see us today.
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Please note that we cannot provide quotes over the phone because we inspect every item to ensure it is in working condition. There may be restrictions on dated electronics and inoperable items. Pawn Plus does not buy or sell firearms.

Get the cash you need to pay bills or buy that new phone you’ve been eyeing by selling your old, unused, and unfashionable jewelry, games, and collectibles.